Demo Day Information


Rehearsal Day                   Thursday April 10, 530-730pm                     on campus
Demo Day                       Thursday April 17, 230-530pm                     near campus


If I don't want to raise money, should I still present?

We believe so! Investors have told us that they would love to see everyone present, and they are interested in seeing everyone.

Additionally, as you guys said - you want practice pitching to investors. Presenting will be nerve racking, and it won't be easy, but this is how you get better.

What's the structure?

Presentations (5 minutes for those who are raising money, 3 minutes for those who aren't actively raising)

Expo (teams set up at tables with their computers for demos and to chat to investors after the presentations)

How can I get more pitch practice?

Contact the other members of the group! Set up a dinner with them at Ike's in Huang and give your pitch.

What should I present in 3 or 5 minutes?

We will send out information over the next few days showing what to cut out so that you can make the 3-5 minutes.

What's the next step?

Fill out the company information if you haven't already.

Then it's on us to send you information on how to shorten your pitch.