Matt Mochary, Co-Founder

AngelList Profile

Co-Founded Totality and sold at $500mm value. Well timed!

Co-Founded Fortune Oregon and sold at $78mm value.

Co-Directed documentary film Favela Rising about the slums of Rio, Brazil, and got short-listed for an Academy Award.

Started Mochary Foundation which trains ex-convicts to get and keep legitimate jobs.

Married Tatiana Dorow, an amazing woman!

Father of three great kids: Luc, Zac and Lola.


Chris Barber, Co-Founder

AngelList Profile

CS at Stanford, Cofounder of Stanford Bitcoin Group, eager to see founders solve pressing problems.

Gravitates towards enterprise/b2b areas and away from social.

Expects to see Stanford shift away from Instagrams/Snapchats and towards technology enabled businesses in existing "older" industries.


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3000 Sand Hill Rd, Building 3, Suite 180
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(917) 355-2829