Chris and I met at an early-stage investor conference in San Francisco in the summer of 2013. Chris was a Stanford CS undergrad.  And while I had co-founded two successful companies in the technology space,  I didn't know how to write a single line of code.  

Chris said that he was "couchsurfing" for the summer.  Knowing that it would be great for my family to know and get inspired by someone who did have technical chops, I invited Chris to couchsurf with us in Hillsborough.  Chris accepted, and stayed for a week.

My whole family loved him from the start.  

And during the course of the week, he convinced me of two things:
1.  Stanford students were starting real companies, but needed CEO training.
2.  I should help him run the needed CEO Training class.  

We launched Stanford Founder Peer Group #0 in January 2014.

We thought the group could be potent, but the speed of progress among the participants shocked us. Founders adopted the tools we presented with vigor, and the results followed almost instantaneously.

Startups off-campus began to hear of our work, and asked for similar guidance.  We agreed, and became CEO Coach to several very high-potential startups in the Peninsula in March 2014.  CEO Peer Group #0 had begun to form.

-- Matt Mochary