Stanford Info Sessions


Information sessions to learn more about the Stanford Founder Groups. We modeled our Founder Groups on successful formats like the Y Combinator weekly dinners. Most YC founders say these weekly dinners are one of the most important parts of the program, due to the accountability they create. This desire to present good work to your peers is an extremely vital component of what we do.

Last quarter, we focused our groups on working mainly with people who already had existing companies. This quarter, we are focusing on individuals who are highly skilled, have worked on projects before, and may even currently be working on a side project, but are open to exploring a range of industries and ideas. This will involve prototyping solutions for a variety of industries and spending large amounts of time on customer development.

We want to make sure your time is used in a valuable way, so we are combining the information sessions with Fireside Chats with interesting founders!


For founders of technology-driven businesses, or CS students who plan on building software businesses.


Info Session/Fireside Chat with Charlie Guo (YCS13 Ex-Founder)

8-9 pm, Wednesday April 2nd, Old Union Room 215 (Capacity: 26)

Register here.

Info Session/Fireside Chat with Matt Mochary (Founding Partner of

4.30-5.30 pm, Wednesday April 2nd, Old Union Room 220 (Capacity: 20)

Register here.

4-5 pm, Thursday April 3rd, Old Union Room 220 (Capacity: 20)

Register here.


What's a fireside chat?

Anything goes. Talk to interesting people and ask them questions that are as pressing as possible! 

What can I ask?

Whatever you want. We will also be collecting questions via a form prior to the chats. We've found this works best to give people the ability to prepare questions in advance.

What's the next step?

Use one of the above links to register for a session.