Sales Engineering (make this into application form)


Matt Mochary, founder of Totality (peak market value of >$1 billion). Investor.

 - How to sell to enterprises

 - How to condense an MBA education into a few weeks

Charlie Guo, founder of a YCS13 company.

 - What problems to focus on and how to find problems, not ideas


Have you guys taught anything previously?

Yes. Charlie taught Cardinal Web Dev. Matt did his MBA at Kellogg, many years ago.

Who is this for?

Primarily for computer science students who want to learn how to sell to large organizations. If you are interested in starting your own company targeting businesses, this is for you.

What is this?

A class on sales engineering, for engineers. You'll be learning to sell to real businesses, by selling.

Do I get units?

Yes. There will be two versions of the class, one that is zero units (so you'll have to really want to learn this!), and one that is three units.

Who can enroll?

Graduates and undergraduates with production development experience. Unfortunately due to time constraints we have to assume knowledge of production web and/or application development.

What will I learn?

How to sell! Sorry for the lack of information, enter your email and we will send out more during Spring break.


Next steps:

Enter your name and email. We will send out more information during Spring break.