How to Quickly Create a Logo

Note - this is for a prototype logo!

Step 1:

Open Keynote.

Step 2:

Pick a designer font. From the font collection that was shared or these other free font resources.

Step 3:

Write your name in that font.

Play with the font spacing (making the letters closer together) if you desire.

Make the text nice and large so that your logo is an appropriate size (300x70 is a good rough size if you aren't sure), and then take a screenshot.

(Optional: make the image transparent)

How to Quickly Set Up A Website

Step 1:

Visit,, or

Pick your favorite site builder. We suggest using a paid one. They are pretty cheap! (Contact us if you need reimbursement)

Step 2:

Create your site!

Step 3:

Buy a domain ( is great for buying domains).

Follow the instructions on your site builder for adding a custom domain (this will require a paid account on your site builder).