Founder Referrals

After a fantastic first quarter, we are excited to curate our next group! We would love to collect three names from you of people you want to recommend:

  • Future founders - engineers who you know have a high aptitude for building, and will likely seek one day to build something into a company.
  • Current founders - people you know working on solving compelling problems.

We are primarily focused on Stanford affiliated members. However, this is not an absolute constraint.


We are building an elite network of high performing individuals. We are making this network, that you are a part of, as awesome as possible!


Referrals Format:



One line bio



Jesse Leimgruber

Founded internet marketing company in high school. Founded and sold >100,000 hats.

Working on a new company that is providing influencer marketing to large enterprises

Jim Gruber

CS/ML/AI genius.

Starting to talk about wanting to build a company

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