We help Stanford students evolve into great founders.

History has proven that many Stanford students eventually become great founders. We aim to accelerate that process.  

We believe two things:

1.   Many of the best technical founders are younger than ever.  This creates a problem of experience because most have never run a company before.  Some have never even been in a company before.  We therefore give CEO Training to the highest potential technical founders.

2.  The most important CEO skill is still to stay focused on the top priorities.  Given all the opportunities thrown at them, Stanford founders often struggle to remain focused.  But when held accountable to each other, these same founders make shocking gains.

So, we operate Founder Peer Groups for technical Stanford students that are looking to start a company, or have already started one. 

The group played an instrumental role in helping us prioritize our goals, launch early, and implement an organizational structure that seamlessly carried us through the process of scaling. The Focus meetings felt very similar to internal team strategy meetings, Matt and Chris really learned our company inside and out. The information I learned was more than just helpful, it was ALWAYS directly actionable. I walked away every week with goals and to-do’s that consistently resonated through our entire company
— Jesse Leimgruber, CEO of NeoReach